Heating Mississauga

Heating Mississauga

Most people in Toronto think of their heating system as little more than a thermostat they rarely need to adjust. However, heating systems can actually be quite complex and the many different variants. Those such as furnaces and heat pumps, mean that your heating technician has to have a great deal of expertise.

At Alpha Refrigeration Ltd., all of our certified technicians have years of experience and have worked on all types of heating systems.

Because we’re based in the Mississauga area and have a long history here, we understand what heating works and what doesn’t. In addition, we’ve seen nearly every heating problem imaginable and have developed our own fixes that will keep your heater running through even the coldest winter.

If you’re not happy with your heater’s performance, now might be a good time to upgrade. Advances in heating technology have made modern systems much more efficient, saving a considerable amount on monthly.

Call 416-409-5222 for a heating service, maintenance, or new installation and experience the Alpha Refrigeration Ltd. difference.

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